Zack + Kjersti, Atlanta Skyline Engagement Photographer

I had sooooo much fun with Zack & Kjersti for their engagement session a few weeks ago. I knew it was going well when I showed a photo from the back of my camera to them and Kjersti just says, "I'm so glad you're shooting my wedding." #GOALS 

We were able to meet in downtown Decatur and hit up Victory Sandwich Bar, where the two used to hangout in their early dating days. It was *so* sweet to see them together, in their element. We made it over to the infamous Jackson St. Bridge just in time for sunset and got completely stunned by the view. Their shoot was the night before the tropical storm Irma hit Atlanta and the sunset, the wind, and the whole atmosphere was just awesome. (I mean not the tropical storm part, but you feel me). I can't wait to take more photos of these adorable people. <3

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