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Hi, I’m ashley white

The short version: I believe in love, trust, and fun. I’m a creative portrait & wedding photographer with southern roots living in Oakland, CA. I love to connect, have a heart for creating magic, and love this job so very much.




What I do:



As everyone else who has worked with Ashley will say, she’s incredible. I could write so many great things about Ashley and what it was like to work with her, but the biggest two things for us (other than the fact that she’s just a super fun person to have around on your wedding day) were her skills to shoot in a variety of different lightings and still make the photos feel cohesive, and her ability to really capture the spirit of the day. We received over 1,300 edited images, and were so surprised and excited for how many beautiful and candid portraits she got of our family and friends. I never would have known to ask for that, but it was one of our favorite parts of the album. Just by looking at the photos, you can really feel the joy and happiness present in the day not just in my husband and I, but in all of our surrounding guests. Our photos are invaluable to us now, and in addition to recommending Ashley to anyone looking for a wedding photographer, I also know we’ll be hiring her for every big life moment in the future.
— Abby + Austin Brenller
Time and time again Ashley captures my light and essence in a way that I could not have imagined but only hoped for. Her work is genuine and honest; qualities that are reflected in the care and detail she puts into our session and seen in the results of my pictures. I will continue to shoot with Ashley because she encourages me to be ME and we create magic in the process! I highly recommend *and encourage* any boss babes out there looking to capture the light inside themselves to shoot with Ashley. She is a photographer who is equally passionate about your brand, ideas, and success as you are.
— Anne Marie Kennedy