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i’m not a magician,

but i make magic

my friends call me ashley white

My life has been greatly shaped by a duality of wanting to connect deeply and simultaneously flourish in my wildness and freedom. Being a photographer fulfills so much of this purpose for me that I truly cannot believe I get to do this.

What I bring to a wedding day or a portrait session is an energy that is both calm and assertive. I create a warm space that encourages your real personalities to shine, while making sure to keep things going at a steady, professional pace. I love smaller, nontraditional weddings with a focus on intention, connection, and love - not just as a couple but with your support system, too. I love creative portraits, boudoir sessions, and branding sessions with empowered women. My goal is to create warm, magical images that feel like home.

I pour my heart and soul into my work, so I think it’s important to share what that means. I’ve always been a sentimental person, wanting to hold so tightly to moments while they’re happening. As a kid, my favorite days were spent at my grandparents’ house flipping through old photo albums and dancing to Elvis on their record player.

I live in Oakland with my dog, Tyrion. Somehow my nickname is my full name. I enjoy painting flowers, exploring with my 35mm film camera, getting into nature, tiki drinks, dreaming up travel plans, and dancing with my girlfriends. I don’t identify with any religion (though I honor those who do), but I’m an extremely spiritual person. I pull an oracle card daily and try to live my life mindfully. I want to facilitate warmth, growth, self-compassion, and give people the opportunity to see themselves with love.


So why SF & ATL? I live in Oakland, CA. I grew up in Atlanta and am happy to travel back often to see my family and friends and photograph some really lovely people. I base my Atlanta travel around holidays & weddings. Co-basing means no travel fees for bay area or metro-Atlanta. I travel all over, so if you’re somewhere else and you’re interested in having a hella* rad time with me as your photographer, just holler*! (*Holler is what we say in Georgia; hella is what we say in California).


What love, light, & magic means to me:

I think so often when we get photographed, we pick ourselves apart. But when we say screw that and decide to embrace ourselves with self-compassion, dedicate the session or wedding day to being present and enjoying ourselves, we get lost in love.

One of my favorite quotes about photography are these words by Aaron Rose: “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” Light is literally EVERYTHING to me. It’s so important to understand how light works as a photographer, but it also just gives me butterflies and warm fuzzies when the light is peeping in at the right moment, the glow that hits your hair, the way morning light fills a space, the glow of sunset… and I realize this may make me sound insane but I’m okay with that. You’ll know if we work together because I’ll freak out about the way the light hits something and you may look at it and see just a wall or a tree… but I see magic.

And when you get your images back, I think you’ll see magic, too.