Tristan + Stefani, Laguna Beach California Engagement Photographer

So excited to share these images! While I was in California I had the chance to photograph my friend Tristan and his sweet then-girlfriend Stefani. Well, she didn't know at the time but Tristan had planned to use these photos as their engagement photos as he'd be proposing to her in Greece just a few weeks later. He proposed yesterday and she said yes and they're the cutest ever! I love that I was able to take these photos for them. Also give me all the California beach sessions, pleeeeease. 

Tristan + Stefani-6.jpg
Tristan + Stefani-7.jpg
Tristan + Stefani-10.jpg
Tristan + Stefani-20.jpg
Tristan + Stefani-17.jpg
Tristan + Stefani-36.jpg
Tristan + Stefani-42.jpg
Tristan + Stefani-23.jpg
Tristan + Stefani-45.jpg
Tristan + Stefani-52.jpg
Tristan + Stefani-47.jpg
Tristan + Stefani-57.jpg
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Tristan + Stefani-25.jpg
Tristan + Stefani-54.jpg
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Tristan + Stefani-69.jpg
Tristan + Stefani-76.jpg
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Tristan + Stefani-71.jpg
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