Jenna + Brad

Brad and Jenna are two of the most laid back people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. From our first consultation, working with them for their engagement and wedding just felt right. As we were planning their engagement session, we decided to start at Eventide Brewing- their wedding location- and I was thrilled to show up and be handed an IPA. Side note: From now on, if a couple is having a hard time warming up to portraits we will absolutely be having a beer first. It was such a fun way to start off the session. We hopped around Atlanta for a nice variety of images and I love what we were able to capture. These two love each other something fierce and it's so nice to witness. Here are a few of my favorites from our session, enjoy! 

Brad + Jenna-9.jpg
Brad + Jenna-17.jpg
Brad + Jenna-11.jpg
Brad + Jenna-18BW.jpg
Brad + Jenna-21.jpg
Brad + Jenna-3.jpg
Brad + Jenna-34BW.jpg
Brad + Jenna-33.jpg
Brad + Jenna-41.jpg
Brad + Jenna-52BW.jpg
Brad + Jenna-70.jpg
Brad + Jenna-75BW.jpg
Brad + Jenna-83.jpg
Brad + Jenna-86.jpg
Brad + Jenna-90.jpg
Brad + Jenna-95.jpg
Brad + Jenna-110.jpg
Brad + Jenna-97.jpg
Brad + Jenna-121.jpg
Brad + Jenna-119.jpg
Brad + Jenna-129BW.jpg
Brad + Jenna-133.jpg
Brad + Jenna-136BW.jpg
Brad + Jenna-145.jpg
Brad + Jenna-156.jpg
Brad + Jenna-166.jpg
Brad + Jenna-168.jpg
Brad + Jenna-159.jpg
Brad + Jenna-146.jpg
Brad + Jenna-147BW.jpg
Brad + Jenna-150.jpg

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