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I see you

Whether you’re an actress, an activist, an artist, an entrepreneur, a model, or just in need of some updated headshots, I would love to work with you to create some magical images that represent you and/or your work well. I cater to those who identify as women, but am open to working with anyone with an open heart. I care so much about my work and choose to work with people and brands whose visions I support and love. My hope is that when I’m just as excited about your work as you are, our combined passions come together and make some truly epic images that you’ll be stoked to showcase.

I love working with and empowering women. My favorite way to do this is through creative portraits. I believe that we are all capable of loving ourselves in earth-shaking form, but sometimes we need a little push. I love to meet where you are. If you’re confident and owning it, we will totally jump on that energy and make magic easy peasy lemon squeezy. But I also really enjoy sparking that light within, helping you shine and see yourself as the goddess that you are. There is so much power in being vulnerable and feeling truly seen.



product sessions start at $500

I love to work with makers of jewelry, art, clothing, pins, patches, etc. I love photographing products in studio, in nature, or in your naturally lit space. I’m an artist at heart and love collecting trinkets, so I get super creative and stoked about how to best represent your work. We’ll start with a brainstorming session and go over what the session should focus on and what vibe you’re after. From there we’ll plan either a more studio or lifestyle styled session and gather materials to shoot on or use as props. I edit products to preserve true-to-life color with a little bump in exposure, contrast, and sharpness.



headshot sessions start at $350 for a 40 minute session

I take a lifestyle approach to headshots. I’m not into plain white backdrops and a huge light shined in your face. What interests me more is taking you to a place that resonates with who you are and how you want to be represented. Your headshots don’t have to be boring. They can be whatever you want them to be, and I promise that if you honor who you are you are gonna feel hella confident about getting your mug photographed. I love photographing in urban environments for headshots, but if you’re into a studio or nature vibe, we can do that, too.


interior design, renovation, & real estate photography rates vary

I’ve worked with interior designers and property renovators in the past to create dreamy, light-filled images. I love to honor and showcase your craft. What makes my work stand out is that I’m never going to provide you with standard, run-of-mill photos of your work. I shoot and edit in a way that makes your space feel alive and welcoming. I focus in on details along with wide shots and really love seeking out interesting angles and using depth to tell a story.



creative portrait sessions are $500 for a 1.5 hour session

I have three favorite things to shoot and this is one of them. I freaking love getting to work with badass babes. When you show up just raw and real and ready to be yourself, I match that vulnerability tenfold. These sessions usually start with a loose idea- a vibe, a location, an outfit, a mood, a celebration, etc. - and blossom into something completely magical. I have so much fun crafting these sessions and choosing locations and poses that feel comfortable and also flatter. I have little trinkets and tricks that I use to make these photos super unique and special.