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Why i think boudoir sessions are so damn important

Being a woman in a world that has constantly hurled impossible standards of beauty is hard. I know that firsthand. I have so much compassion for women and think boudoir sessions are such a great way to take back the narrative over our bodies. When we decide to love ourselves and celebrate our bodies even for just one hour, we shake up the way we see ourselves, how others see us, and how other women see themselves. This work matters to me because I really believe in radical self compassion and embracing ourselves right where we are. Not just in 20 less lbs, not just when we’re in a relationship, not just when others are validating us. Right here. Right now. We owe it to ourselves to show up and embrace our bodies, full-heartedly.

Whether you’re looking to gift your love with some saucy photos of yourself, celebrating your body, or just having some fun, boudoir sessions are a great way to feel empowered. My approach to boudoir is a bit different from the traditional… I don’t focus on trying to make you look a certain way or putting you in poses that aren’t you. I ease my clients into the process with music and mimosas (or la croix) and just treat you like a friend I’m hanging out with. Honestly, I put no focus on being “sexy” or anything of the sort. I just focus on flattery, seeing you and finding what works, and having a real human conversation. I have goddess cards available to pull; a message from the universe is always a way to get us out of our heads.




Session Info

Boudoir sessions are $500

one hour session in a naturally lit space suited for boudoir photography
private online gallery with high res images available for download
print release

Turnaround time is 3 weeks from the session date for your full gallery.



The session typically lends enough time for 2-3 outfits. Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable! Feel free to start in a kimono or keep a kimono on the whole time, bring a leather jacket or your favorite baggy shirt, wear heels or go barefoot… Honestly don’t overthink it. Just pick something fun!



If you think having your hair & makeup professionally done beforehand will give you a huge confidence boost, do it! I think it helps to spend the day being pampered, but that could mean just a luxurious bubble bath or any other means of self care. Spend the day loving yourself. No negative self talk allowed.


albums & books

Photo books are popular for gifts to significant others. The pages are thin, a little thicker than magazine style.
8x8 $150 | 10x10 $250 | 12x12 $350
Albums are popular for wedding gifts. The pages are thick & durable.
8x8 $350 | 10x10 $500 | 12x12 $650



Cannot say enough good things about Ashley! I first came in contact with Ashley when she photographed a friends wedding that I was in. Having been involved in weddings on both the wedding party side AND the vendor side, I understand how difficult it is to wrangle a huge group of people on a fast paced and high pressure day — she does it without a hitch. I was then super excited when I won a portrait session with her through a raffle supporting the local community— this is the thing about Ashley... she gives SO much of herself through her work. She genuinely cares not just about the quality of her photos, but about her clients, and telling an authentic story that is true to THEM, on top of the community in which she is an active participant in ! She turns out beautiful work because she is truly a beautiful person. Lastly, I had a boudoir session with Ashley, and could not be more happy with the experience. She put me completely at ease with the camera, made me feel beautiful, sexy, and comfortable in my own skin, and knew how to balance the line between boudoir that looks cheap vs art. HIRE ASHLEY, and you will not be disappointed. And you will likely hire her again... and again... and again... because you just want to keep hanging out with her.
— Sarah Stover
I originally hired Ashley for our engagement pictures after falling in love with her style. Her photos are warm and natural, not the typical staged pictures you see a lot with weddings/engagements. Ashley was great to work with the whole way through. She was organized, had great creative ideas, and even gave us recommendations of cool spots we could use for our session and outfit selections. The day of our shoot, Ashley made my fiancé and I feel so comfortable! We had an absolutely blast and y’all the pictures were INCREDIBLE! She has an amazing way of capturing the true raw emotion in her photos that perfectly depicted us as a couple. Not posed, not forced, but natural, joyous, and full of love. Ashely’s turn around time was so fast! She gave us sneak peaks the week after and gave us access to our whole edited portfolio in a few weeks.
After the great experience we had for our engagement session, I decided to do a boudoir shoot as a surprise gift for my fiancé. I would have never felt confident enough to do that type of intimate experience with anyone else.
The photos were beautiful, honest, and classy, not over-sexualized like many other boudoir shoots I’ve seen. It’s amazing how Ashley made me feel so beautiful and empowered. And again, she was awesome to work with the whole way through. She gave me advice where to buy outfits, had a super fast turn around time, and was always responsive to my questions.
Needless to say we will be using Ashley for not only our wedding but all of our professional pictures in the future!
— Nichole Abla