Blake + Elisabeth, Atlanta Maternity Photographer

I always love working with Blake + Elisabeth. I was so excited to capture their pregnancy announcement photos back in February (you can see those here) and equally as excited to capture these maternity photos for them. To beat the summer heat and still get magical lighting, we decided to have a sunrise session. I am so glad we did. The garden was gorgeous, the light was perfect, and I love these images so much. Take a look:

Wilson Maternity-4.jpg
Wilson Maternity-20.jpg
Wilson Maternity-11.jpg
Wilson Maternity-22.jpg
Wilson Maternity-25.jpg
Wilson Maternity-23.jpg
Wilson Maternity-48.jpg
Wilson Maternity-51.jpg
Wilson Maternity-46.jpg
Wilson Maternity-54.jpg
Wilson Maternity-57.jpg
Wilson Maternity-42.jpg
Wilson Maternity-60.jpg
Wilson Maternity-67.jpg
Wilson Maternity-64.jpg
Wilson Maternity-74.jpg
Wilson Maternity-85.jpg
Wilson Maternity-87.jpg
Wilson Maternity-89.jpg
Wilson Maternity-92.jpg
Wilson Maternity-132.jpg
Wilson Maternity-113.jpg
Wilson Maternity-117.jpg
Wilson Maternity-146BW.jpg
Wilson Maternity-135.jpg
Wilson Maternity-123.jpg
Wilson Maternity-133BW.jpg
Wilson Maternity-156.jpg
Wilson Maternity-154BW.jpg
Wilson Maternity-157.jpg
Wilson Maternity-162.jpg
Wilson Maternity-165.jpg
Wilson Maternity-170BW.jpg
Wilson Maternity-178.jpg
Wilson Maternity-189.jpg
Wilson Maternity-186.jpg
Wilson Maternity-190.jpg
Wilson Maternity-187BW.jpg
Wilson Maternity-192.jpg
Wilson Maternity-203.jpg

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