Pierce + Nadia, Styled Shoot, Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer

I was able to pull together my first styled shoot back in December and boy oh boy can I tell you how much I empathize with wedding planning now. It was hectic and a lot to plan on top of my post-car accident injuries, but it was 100% worth it and ended up being so much fun!! Elisabeth of EMW Florals was a major help in finding the venue & planning out the aesthetic we wanted to go with. I got to take Nadia to The Sentimentalist to pick out the perfect dress for the shoot and it was just amazing. Nadai & Pierce were married in September (photographed by my friend Kiyah- see that here) and Nadia wore a traditional Indian dress, so just Nadia’s joy getting to try out the different dresses was so delightful to watch. All of the vendors came together to make a completely amazing shoot and I just adore the photos.

Plus I got to shoot a little film! You’ll see a few film shots sprinkled throughout the set. Those are shot on a Pentax 645N with Fuji Pro 400h film and developed & scanned by The Find Lab.

Venue: Cottages on Mergendollar in Good Hope, GA
Florals (Bouquet, boutonniere, cake, & mantle): Elisabeth Wilson with EMW Florals
Styling (Tablescape & florals, banner, invitations, chalkboard): Maggie Boyd
Dress & bridal accessories: The Sentimentalist
Cake: Ashley Sue's Baked Goods
Hair: Robyn White
Makeup: Taylor White

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