Shayla + Nate, Athens GA Engagement Photographer

I had the pleasure of venturing out to Athens to photograph Shayla + Nate's engagement session. The two met in class at UGA and really wanted to include some of their favorite hangout spots in their session. We took some time walking around Athens, stopping when the light or the moment was right. I love sessions like this so much and I'm so glad I got to capture these special moments for them. 

Shayla + Nate-1.jpg
Shayla + Nate-3.jpg
Shayla + Nate-8.jpg
Shayla + Nate-13BW.jpg
Shayla + Nate-14.jpg
Shayla + Nate-20.jpg
Shayla + Nate-25.jpg
Shayla + Nate-30.jpg
Shayla + Nate-32.jpg
Shayla + Nate-37.jpg
Shayla + Nate-41.jpg
Shayla + Nate-59.jpg
Shayla + Nate-46.jpg
Shayla + Nate-62.jpg
Shayla + Nate-64BW.jpg
Shayla + Nate-70.jpg
Shayla + Nate-68.jpg
Shayla + Nate-75.jpg
Shayla + Nate-76.jpg
Shayla + Nate-102.jpg
Shayla + Nate-110.jpg
Shayla + Nate-112.jpg
Shayla + Nate-115.jpg
Shayla + Nate-117.jpg
Shayla + Nate-131.jpg
Shayla + Nate-125BW.jpg
Shayla + Nate-141.jpg
Shayla + Nate-134.jpg
Shayla + Nate-139.jpg
Shayla + Nate-138BW.jpg
Shayla + Nate-144.jpg
Shayla + Nate-148.jpg
Shayla + Nate-190.jpg
Shayla + Nate-188BW.jpg
Shayla + Nate-152.jpg
Shayla + Nate-157.jpg
Shayla + Nate-155.jpg
Shayla + Nate-170.jpg
Shayla + Nate-173.jpg
Shayla + Nate-175.jpg
Shayla + Nate-178.jpg
Shayla + Nate-180.jpg
Shayla + Nate-183.jpg
Shayla + Nate-192.jpg
Shayla + Nate-194.jpg
Shayla + Nate-198.jpg

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