Rodney + Jennifer, Atlanta GA Engagement Photographer

I met Rodney and Jennifer at Jennifer's family home for a short, sweet, and intimate engagement session with string lights and nature surrounding us. I hope you enjoy the images from this extremely laid back golden hour session! 

Rodney + Jennifer-18.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-16.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-5BW.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-3.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-22.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-23BW.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-30.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-35.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-36BW.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-41.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-64.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-62.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-68.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-81.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-78BW.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-72.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-80.jpg
Rodney + Jennifer-82.jpg

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