Jake + Erin, Atlanta Engagement Photographer

Jake and Erin aren't originally from Georgia but live on the westside with a beautiful skyline view. They really wanted to incorporate the city into their engagement session and once we started talking ideas I got super excited about a westside session- something I haven't explored too much being an eastsider. ;)  
We started (with beer) at Westside Provisions and walked around, snapping photos whenever I saw something intriguing. They had a friend (their rad wedding planner Laura actually) meet us with their dog, Patches, for some family photos. We ended up going to their rooftop view and then to Six Feet Under to end the session with some nighttime skyline shots, fried food, and beer. 
I loved this session so much and had so much fun with these guys. Can't wait to shoot their wedding this fall! 

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Team work makes the dream work. 

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