Gregory + Josh, Brooklyn New York Couples Photographer

So often my favorite photos are when I'm alone with a couple, away from the noise and fuss of their wedding day, or in their home for a lifestyle session. But this session just completely challenged that whole aspect and these two completely blew me away. Gregory and Josh were able to take one of the most touristy and crowded places in New York City and turn it into their own little romantic atmosphere. The love these two have for each other was so apparent and beautiful and I'm so happy with the images I got to capture of these two and this city- and all the other people around us on that day. It all started with ice cream... 

Gregory + Josh-1.jpg
Gregory + Josh-6.jpg
Gregory + Josh-12.jpg
Gregory + Josh-13.jpg
Gregory + Josh-142.jpg
Gregory + Josh-15.jpg
Gregory + Josh-18.jpg
Gregory + Josh-30.jpg
Gregory + Josh-32.jpg
Gregory + Josh-20.jpg
Gregory + Josh-24.jpg
Gregory + Josh-37.jpg
Gregory + Josh-45.jpg
Gregory + Josh-52.jpg
Gregory + Josh-54.jpg
Gregory + Josh-48.jpg
Gregory + Josh-49.jpg
Gregory + Josh-58.jpg
Gregory + Josh-72.jpg
Gregory + Josh-77.jpg
Gregory + Josh-95.jpg
Gregory + Josh-99.jpg
Gregory + Josh-102.jpg
Gregory + Josh-105.jpg
Gregory + Josh-108.jpg
Gregory + Josh-88.jpg
Gregory + Josh-118.jpg
Gregory + Josh-125.jpg
Gregory + Josh-136.jpg
Gregory + Josh-135.jpg

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do. Literally can't stop smiling at these two. 


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