Graham + Maggie, North Georgia Engagement/ Adventure Photographer

From our initial conversation, I had so much fun planning this session with Maggie. We had initially planned to head to a different waterfall but when we found that Lula Lake Land Trust was coincidentally open for our session date, we both got so excited and decided to shoot there instead. It was a little bit of a hike to get to the waterfall, but it was definitely worth it. After our adventure, we headed back to Graham & Maggie's to grab some in-home shots with their new pup Doc. I love the variety we were able to get with the grand, adventurous photos and the cozy ones in their beautiful home. 

Maggie + Graham-4.jpg
Maggie + Graham-6.jpg
Maggie + Graham-19.jpg
Maggie + Graham-22.jpg
Maggie + Graham-37.jpg
Maggie + Graham-28.jpg
Maggie + Graham-41.jpg
Maggie + Graham-43BW.jpg
Maggie + Graham-49.jpg
Maggie + Graham-58.jpg
Maggie + Graham-59BW.jpg
Maggie + Graham-53.jpg
Maggie + Graham-64.jpg
Maggie + Graham-67BW.jpg
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Maggie + Graham-76.jpg
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Maggie + Graham-100.jpg
Maggie + Graham-97BW.jpg
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Maggie + Graham-121BW.jpg
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Maggie + Graham-141.jpg
Maggie + Graham-144.jpg
Maggie + Graham-150BW.jpg
Maggie + Graham-147.jpg
Maggie + Graham-159.jpg
Maggie + Graham-166.jpg
Maggie + Graham-172.jpg
Maggie + Graham-170.jpg

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