How to Do Whatever The *redacted* You Want on Your Wedding Day

Weddings are great in an abundance of ways. What other time of your life do you get together with everyone you love and party? There are so many special traditions and sentimental moments that happen during a wedding day, but a bit of it can be quite weird to be honest. Some traditions seem to be going away, but some remain. I vote that you do YOU. Don’t do things just because they’re tradition. If you don’t want to do a garter toss or a bouquet toss or even a cake cutting, don’t do it! It’s your wedding day. And, by the way, I mean that in the least princessy way possibly. I’m not saying “it’s your wedding day, forget about everyone else!” I’m saying, it’s your wedding day- celebrate however feels best to you. Here are some fun ways I’ve seen clients break tradition. This is my silly, light-hearted attempt at cracking the patriarchal grips of the wedding industry. Enjoy!

  1. Wear a blue dress.

My favorite way to break tradition is by changing the typical colors. Break away from a white dress or a blush bouquet, pick something that means more to who you are!


2. Ice your husband.

This is a funny thing I’ve seen at receptions when doing a garter toss.


3. Forego a bridal party.

Give yourself more time to squeeze your sweetie & explore for photos of just the two of you.

Ben + Monica-687.jpg

4. See each other before you walk down the aisle.

Do a first look! Get your antsy energy out of the way so you can enjoy the day without sweating bullets. You get more opportunity to knock out portraits before your guests are hanging around waiting on you AND you actually get to talk to your boo thing for a minute alone. When else would that happen on your wedding day? At the end of it?


5. Get ready at home.

That way your furry friends can stare at you while you’re in hair and makeup! What a win!


6. Get married in a cemetery!

Til death right?

David + Jen-490.jpg

7. Wear a cape!

You might get dizzy because I’m gonna tell you to twirl a million times, but hey, maybe you won’t need to drink as much!


8. Get married in an old home in New Orleans.

You don’t have to bring in borrowed furniture when you get married at a home filled with antiques and vintage art!


9. Courthouse it up!

Don’t want a big fuss? Just get married already!

Ryan + Gena-302.jpg

10. Be true to your personal style. Whether that means moody or light or funky or colorful or loud or soft. Be you.


11. Invite your dog.

Maybe I just want to pet your dog, but they also add some major cuteness to your photos!


12. Do a first look with your bridesmaids.


13. Change so you can dance!

Kick of your heels and throw on some Chucks. Bust a move. Or just punch me in the face for making that joke.


14. Take shots!

Don’t sue me for saying this!!!!!!!!


15. Wear a pink suit!

Because it’s 2019 and it’s cute!!!!

David + Jen-229.jpg

16. Have a live band.

If the live band is good, chances are way more butts are gonna be on the dance floor.


17. Hop on your bikes.

If there’s a part of your relationship you want to incorporate in props or, like these guys, bikes then bring it on! I love showcasing who you are.


18. Sneak away for sunset photos.

It’s the best light and you’ll enjoy a moment away from everyone else. Except me, because you love me and we’re BFF!


19. Flee your home state to elope!

Get away from everyone you know and love and be completely alone! For some people that is a dream come true!


20. Wear a leather jacket.

Because it’s badass and really freakin’ cute, okay!


21. Get married in the dark. Kind of.

Cafe lights and candles are extremely mood setting for a dusk wedding (or indoor wedding!)


22. Tell your guests to throw shit at you!

Well tell them to throw flowers at you! It’s like getting pelted with love. See how happy they are?


23. Don’t hide who you are.

Nothing is right or wrong on your wedding day. You can put flowers in a cow skull. You can show off all your tattoos. If you want to dye your hair blue or wear a jumpsuit instead of a dress or don’t want to hold flowers all day… do you. Don’t wear heels if you don’t wanna. Don’t make decisions that are gonna make you wanna hide in the bathroom all night.


24. Party!

Have fun!!!! Get on the dance floor, cut a rug, shake it like a polaroid picture, do the twist, belt out your favorite songs.


25. Exit in a badass car.

And after all that fun, leave however you want. I love a getaway car.