forever, ever

let’s celebrate *you*

I love working with couples who have a strong connection with themselves, with each other, and with their friends & family. I love when my couples are thoughtful about their details. I cater to couples who are having pretty non-traditional weddings and are happily expressing who they are rather than what anyone else wants or says you should do. Rules are made to be broken.

Got a leather jacket? Got a blue dress? Got some hot pink flowers? Got a whole buncha tattoos? Got none of that but just have a wide open heart? Come on in, I think I might be the girl for you.

I’ve been shooting weddings for nine years and photographing for about 14 years. That makes me sound old, but I’m a fresh 29. I went to college & got a degree in FIlm & Video with a minor in Sociology in 2012. I’ve traveled the world for fun and for work. I’ve done some deep digging in finding self-compassion and inner healing. I think people are incredibly resilient, powerful, and compelling. I’ve shot hundreds of weddings and photography sessions. I’ve learned so much about what I have to give and how I can fulfill my ultimate dream of creating art while cultivating a space for human connection. Wedding photography gives me this a million times over. I really do care about what I’m creating and have every intention of providing you with fun, warm, and sentimental images to cherish forever.


make the most of

your moments

at the end of the day, photographs and love are what you’ll have to share from your wedding or elopement.