Kate & Keeli

I had a blast hanging out and taking photos of my sweet friend Kate and her pup Keeli. Keeli's health isn't at her best and Kate just wanted to snag some photos with her. Keeli loved playing with her mommy at Morningside Nature Preserve and it was so special to see her so happy (happiest dog ever, for real!). Here are some of my favorites from our session.


Kate + Keeli-11.jpg
Kate + Keeli-102.jpg
Kate + Keeli-125.jpg
Kate + Keeli-139.jpg
Kate + Keeli-138.jpg
Kate + Keeli-134.jpg
Kate + Keeli-143.jpg
Kate + Keeli-146.jpg
Kate + Keeli-153BW.jpg
Kate + Keeli-154.jpg
Kate + Keeli-167.jpg

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