Macy + Justin

For their engagement session, Macy & Justin wanted a vintage vibe to go along with their vintage-themed wedding. We set out for the Virginia Highlands to snag some shots with a cafe and vintage street vibe. We ended the session at the Eastside Beltline trail (this has become a request from clients who've seen other photos there, it's such a unique spot and really cool to shoot at). Here are a few of my favorites from our session:

Macy + Justin-1.jpg
Macy + Justin-5BW.jpg
Macy + Justin-20.jpg
Macy + Justin-10.jpg
Macy + Justin-13.jpg
Macy + Justin-34.jpg
Macy + Justin-27BW.jpg
Macy + Justin-24.jpg
Macy + Justin-51.jpg
Macy + Justin-44BW.jpg
Macy + Justin-60.jpg
Macy + Justin-62.jpg
Macy + Justin-99BW.jpg
Macy + Justin-83.jpg
Macy + Justin-85BW.jpg
Macy + Justin-90BW.jpg
Macy + Justin-114BW.jpg
Macy + Justin-119BW.jpg
Macy + Justin-121BW.jpg
Macy + Justin-128.jpg
Macy + Justin-144.jpg
Macy + Justin-127.jpg

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