Feeling so, so lucky that I get to travel for work & for personal enjoyment. I would LOVE to schedule some sessions while I'm out on the road. Locations with * mean I reaaaaally want to shoot there! I'm offering special pricing for the first 3 bookings.

July 1-4 Charleston, SC
July 13-19 Orange Beach, AL
August 5-7 Las Vegas, NV
August 7-8 San Francisco, CA
August 9-10  Yosemite, CA
August 11-15 Los Angeles & Palm Springs, CA
August 28-31 New York City, NY*
September 1-5 Portland, OR*
October 5-8 New Orleans, LA
November 10-12 Panama City Beach, FL
December 7-10 Charleston, SC

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Please provide anymore information about your session (any location ideas you have, how many people will be in the session, etc.)