I call weddings love parties and I think it's the coolest thing in the world to have all the folks you love dear in one room to celebrate your new life together.

I feel connected to wedding photography because preserving memories is super important to me. And so is connecting with people. 

I want to showcase who you are and how your day unfolds. I'll capture little details, big moments, and lots and lots of love.

And I might make you laugh. 

And I might cry.

My favorite weddings to shoot are whimsical, romantic, modern, sentimental, and intimate. 


Sometimes your wedding party is just the two of you. Whether you're eloping on a mountain, by a waterfall, or at the local courthouse I am all about the excitement and adventure of eloping. 

Travel is cool.

My favorite elopements are sweet, simple, and intimate. Soft-spoken, handwritten vows send shivers down my spine.

*I love love. 

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Engagement sessions are the perfect way for us to get to know one another before your big day! I love hanging out and getting to know each other while we work our way through your session. I'm all about connecting & making you feel comfortable, so just go with the flow and the magic will come.

My favorite engagement sessions start or end with drinks, take place during golden hour, and include lots and lots of laughs. 


I started shooting weddings 8 years ago, but only starting seriously shooting boudoir 2 years ago. I have absolutely fallen in love with it. Empowering women, dancing to music, drinking mimosas, and girl-talking are some of my favorite things and that is exactly what my boudoir sessions are all about. 


My favorite boudoir sessions include listening to The Supremes, talking like we're friends, and that sweeeeeet window light my loft lets in.

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I absolutely love getting creative with models and making artistic work that is still about connecting. There's magic to making a portrait that captures more than just mere beauty. I feel so much more when I take and look at these images. 


My favorite editorial shoots have some art direction or basic idea, feel fun and light, and serve a creative purpose.