This year I got so many inquiries for the same dates from people who were so bummed they couldn't use me for their wedding. A few of these potential clients had been excited to use me for a really long time and it made me so sad to turn them away.

I've been thinking on a solution to this problem. Of course, I wish I could clone myself but this isn't a scifi film, so let's get back to the real reason we're here... Associate photography! 

Irma has been my assistant and main second shooter for the past year and I am so excited to share that she will now be an associate shooter for weddings I'm unavailable for!

Leading up to the wedding day, you'll be in contact with me & Irma. I will help create your timeline, give you my wedding day tips, and be your go-to contact for any questions you have about your photography service. On the day of the wedding, Irma will be your one and only shooter. She will shoot in a similar style to mine and her sweet and sincere personality will make your day amazing. After the wedding day, I will edit all the photos the same way I edit my own & will be the one to deliver your images. If you choose a package with an engagement session, I will be the one to shoot your engagement photos!

I have built a strong level of trust & admiration for Irma. She recently finished photography school and I want to do for her what I wish someone had done for me- guide, teach, & bring work her way. I have a teaching heart and have loved being able to take a younger female artist under my wing (though only by a few years, I'm not old y'all).

Associate collections are only available for dates I'm not available for that my associate is  & may be offered up in select circumstances where my regular packages are out of budget. 

A collection of Irma's images from an October 2017 wedding we shot together:

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