I’m so glad that the universe conspired to bring you here. There are so many amazing photographers out there, but something brought you here and that’s special.

I pour my heart and soul into my work, so I think it’s important to share what that means. I’ve always been a sentimental person, wanting to hold so tightly to moments while they’re happening. As a kid, my favorite days were spent at my grandparents’ house flipping through old photo albums and dancing to Elvis on their record player. My life has been greatly shaped by a duality of wanting to connect deeply and simultaneously flourish in my wildness and freedom. Being a wedding photographer fulfills so much of this purpose for me that I truly cannot believe I get to do this. It’s an honor to be here.

What I bring to a wedding day is an energy that is both calm and assertive. I take care of things. I’m your friend and I’m there to make sure you’re comfortable and living your moments. I believe your photos should look how you felt and that you should feel good. I never want you to be uncomfortable in your photos and look back on them thinking, “Wow I remember feeling so weird.” I want you to look back and think, “Wow she captured how happy I was in that moment.” That is my job. That is my joy.

My goal is to create warm, magical images that feel like home. And maybe make some friends, too. Ready to connect?

I’m co-based in Atlanta & San Francisco. What does this mean? Why? I grew up in Georgia & know I’ll eventually make my way back “home”, but I live in the SF bay area (Oakland, to be exact). Basically for you, this means if you’re getting married in the San Francisco or Atlanta areas you won’t be charged any travel fees. Also I love you.

2019 Atlanta dates:

March 5-12
April 2-15
May 1-6
May 23-June 5
September 5-10
October 8-14
November 8-18
November 26- December 1