Hi, I'm Ashley. 
I get butterflies when the light's just right. 
My dog is my favorite thing. 
I grew up in a small Georgia town and have always had a lust for adventure.
I am moving to San Francisco and co-basing my business between SF & Atlanta.
I dressed up like Dwight Schrute for Halloween a few years ago. 
I'm an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs scale, which means that I crave creativity & freedom. 
Good thing this is my full-time job ;) 


My motivations are simple: to capture connection. 

 I want my images to connect the dots of your story, on your day. I want to give you the gift of powerful imagery. I want you to walk away with images that bring you back to this moment in time a year from now, or 50 years from now. I want the photos I take to be present in your home, in your life. Forever.


I'm not just a wedding photographer. 

The way I see love and life is greatly shaped by my maternal grandmother, my Mamaw, my sunshine. I have a desire in my heart to capture tenderness, to be graceful, to remember why we're here.

I recognize that your photographs are mementos to cherish for your lifetime and beyond. I started taking photos in high school and will never stop. Photography is my passion, and a piece of my heart goes into every single thing I photograph.   

My goal as your photographer is to accent your light and love. I want to showcase who you are right here, right now. I promise the images will be beautiful and meaningful with or without epic scenery. 

I'm sentimental and grasp at the tiny moments that mean everything...  proud parents watching their kids promise the best of themselves to their lovers, the flower girls giggling during the ceremony, the subtle excitement as you lock eyes with the one you love, the sun peeking in at just the right moment..

I believe love is magic. I believe that moments matter. You matter. Your story is important.